eating koi fish on a plate with koi in background

Can You Eat Koi Fish?

If you’re wondering, “can you eat koi fish” this article is for you. First, you’ll learn about the history of koi and then if it is good or bad to eat them. Yes, you can indeed eat them, but they are bony and don’t have as many nutrients as fish like salmon and have more … Read more

japanese koi pond with plants

Koi Pond Guide

A koi pond can be an excellent addition to any landscape. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back, listening to the bubbling water, and watching your koi fish gracefully swim along. This guide will help give you the knowledge needed to create and maintain your own pond. First, let’s give you some ideas if … Read more

growing asparagus

How to Grow Asparagus

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable whose green and purple stalks elevate even the simplest spring dish. In addition to its culinary appeal, asparagus provides an excellent source of vitamin K and folate (essential for red blood cell formation). Plus, it’s a low-effort crop, meaning beginning gardeners can learn how to grow asparagus just as easily … Read more

Seth Peterson / Frank Lloyd Wright Cottage in Lake Delton, Wi

This Frank Lloyd Wright cottage was built in 1958 and is only 880 square feet. Situated within Mirror Lake State Park outside Lake Delton, Wisconsin. Available year-round through the state park as a rental. The cottage possesses a monumentality that is surprising in such a small structure. With the ability to boil down the essence … Read more

man spraying spray foam insulation for maximum r value

Spray Foam Insulation R-value

This article will cover spray foam insulation R-values and why you should, or most likely not use it. You might get some sticker shock if you price out spray foam insulation. It is expensive if done correctly by a professional contractor. So, you want to make sure it’s worth it. The way most insulation is … Read more

roll of bubble wrap insulation

Bubble Wrap Insulation ~ Does it Work?

Using bubble wrap insulation can work in some applications, such as adding insulation to old windows. But, it doesn’t make sense to use in a building assembly. Other options can work better and cost less. Read on to learn more. Jump to a Section Bubble Wrap Insulation R Value Bubble Wrap vs Foam Insulation Bubble … Read more

zojila rohan dish rack drainer side

Zojila Rohan Dish Drainer Rack ~ Review

If you’re looking for a high-end, 100% stainless steel dish rack- then the Rohan dish drainer is for you. Despite the Rohan dish rack being out of stock for quite some time, we were finally able to purchase one. At the time of this writing, and just about all consumer products… prices are rising! It … Read more

house with steam bent cedar shingles.

Steam Bent Cedar Shingles

Roofs are one of the most critical components in a home- and shingles play a large part.  Preferably, you want a durable natural material that will last a long time.  That is where steam bent cedar shingles come in. Steam bent shingles are unique and have a hand-crafted feel to them. They often feature curved … Read more

what to do when hot water heater smells like sulfur

Hot Water Heater Smells Like Sulfur

If you’re recently replaced your water heater, and now your water smells like sulfur, this is the article for you. We replaced a gas hot water heater in 2019 with a Rheem electric hybrid heat-pump water heater.  About a week after installation, there started to be a “rotten egg” smell.   The smell was only … Read more

koi fish with whiskers

All About Koi Fish Whiskers

This article will teach you about koi fish whiskers. Although, if we get technical their whiskers are actually called “maxillary barbels”. Most people think of catfish when they think of whiskers (PDF), but there are other fish species that have whiskers such as Sturgeon, Hagfish, Zebrafish, and more. You’ll be surprised to learn that like … Read more