Baltic Blue Pothos: Care Guide & 2 Problems to Avoid

baltic blue pothos plants

Baltic Blue Pothos is one of the newest and trendiest varieties of pothos. A cultivar of the Epipremnum pinnatum, this houseplant adds a touch of color to any room and will become a veritable centerpiece when it reaches maturity. Although it’s rarer than other cultivars, it’s a beginner-friendly plant, well-worth adding to your collection.  The Baltic … Read more

How To Make Pothos Grow More Stems (2 Excellent Methods)

growing pothos plants

It is possible to make your pothos branch out and produce more stems from the same vine. So whether you have a pothos with bare stems or even a healthy pothos that needs a bushier look, here are two methods you can try. 1.) Apply Keiki Paste to the Bare Nodes Keiki cloning paste is … Read more

How To Keep a Pothos From Getting Leggy (4 Solutions Explained)

leggy looking pothos plant on a table

A leggy pothos is not just unaesthetic. Often, it’s also unhealthy, and more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Here are four essential care requirements that will prevent leggy pothos growth. 1.) Give It Bright Indirect Light The first step in how to keep a pothos from getting leggy is giving it bright indirect light. Admittedly, … Read more

How To Make a Pothos Look Bushier: Use These 4 Methods

bushy looking pothos plant

If you have a leggy pothos plant and don’t want to give it a drastic trim, here are four methods to provide it with a fuller, bushier look. 1.) Propagate Cuttings in the Same Pot Take a few pothos cuttings, then simply plant them in the same pot as the mother plant. You don’t even … Read more

Have a Leggy Pothos Plant? (3 Reasons Why + How to Fix)

leggy looking pothos plant on a table

A trailing pothos can turn your home into a veritable indoor jungle. But if your pothos is growing very long vines with bare stems or very few leaves, that’s a sign that it’s becoming leggy.  Pothos usually become leggy in response to a combination of low light and too much fertilizer. Mature pothos plants that … Read more

Dill Companion Plants: Good + Bad (Avoid Awful Taste)

dill plants at a farm ready for companion planting

Dill can help attract beneficial insects such as butterflies, praying mantis, honeybees, parasitic wasps, hoverflies, and ladybugs. It can also help keep unwanted guests from your gardens, such as spider mites, aphids, and cabbage loopers. Let’s check out some dill companion plants that are excellent neighbors and some that can cause your vegetables to taste … Read more

Top 12 Sustainable Home Improvements

graphic of sustainable home improvements

Whether you want to save money or the planet, these sustainable home improvements will help. Adding insulation, air-sealing, and new windows will also make your home more comfortable. Here is a list of the top twelve home improvements to make your home more sustainable: 1.) Schedule HVAC System Maintenance Homeowners often do not keep up … Read more

Hidden Ductless Mini Split (How to Hide / Camouflage Your Unit)

ductless mini split unit on wall

Homeowners looking for alternatives to conventional HVAC equipment might consider installing mini splits. Ductless mini splits can maximize a building’s energy performance while providing many heating and cooling benefits. These air-source heat pumps rely on an interior air-handling unit to work alongside an exterior compressor. The indoor unit typically hangs at the top of an … Read more

Snow Queen Pothos: Care & Propagation Guide + FAQ

snow queen pothos plant leaf

Snow Queen Pothos is a cultivar of the Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum), a tropical climbing plant native to Southeast Asia. What makes this variety stand out is its variegated foliage: the heart-shaped leaves are almost white, with a few green stripes and speckles.  The Snow Queen Pothos is rarer and a bit more expensive than … Read more

Blue Rose Meaning: Color + Symbolism [Explained]

bunch of blue roses

Have you ever seen blue roses? You’re most likely familiar with red, white, and pink roses. These roses are popular and grow naturally, but blue roses are rare and artificially produced. Little wonder, blue roses are prized and sought after today. They have several meanings and symbols, from serenity to peace, love at first sight, … Read more

How mortgage rates have changed since 1972

for sale sold sign on home

Unless you plan on purchasing real estate with an all-cash offer, you’ll likely be taking out a mortgage loan. It’s never a bad idea to be aware of mortgage rates, which can be ever-changing due to various factors—inflation, economic growth, Federal Reserve policies, the bond market, and relevant housing market conditions, among them. Extra Space … Read more

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs (12 Easy Steps for Perfect Results)

Hard boiled eggs cooked with Instant Pot

Let’s get right down to it. This article is for you if you’re wondering about Instant Pot hard boiled eggs. We cover the 5-5-5 method that consistently churns out perfect hard-boiled eggs every time. Plus, some additional tips make the process even easier. So easy, a guy can do it (seriously).  Using a pressure cooker … Read more

Landscape Designer vs. Landscape Architect (Differences + Which One Should You Hire?)

landscape designer or architect making a plan

From pristine lawns and manicured topiary to lush cottage-style gardens and drought-resistant xeriscape gardens, any property can benefit from landscaping. Whether you’re planning the design and layout of a new garden or looking to renovate or improve existing features, hiring a professional will be of immense help. This is where landscape architects and landscape designers … Read more

How To Get Rid of Crabgrass (or Not?) We’ll Help You Decide

crabgrass growing next to sidewalk

Crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) is an annual plant that grows in moist soil. It spreads quickly and can grow up to around two feet tall¹. It’s not an actual grass but instead belongs to the family Chenopodiaceae². It often gets confused with a cool-season perennial called quackgrass. It grows best in warm weather- and can cause … Read more

Low-Maintenance Foundation Plants (15 Ideas + Planting Plan)

Front yard displaying foundation plants in landscaping

Let’s face it; your home would look stark without foundation plants. As a homeowner, you should consider planning and prioritizing landscaping- which encompasses the construction of structures, hardscaping, foundation plantings, plant installation, etc.  Foundation plantings are considered the bedrock of every landscaped property, transforming the front yard and entryway into a dynamic garden space. These … Read more

13 Common Christmas Cactus Problems & Solutions

christmas cactus pink flower

Christmas cactus plants are notoriously easy to grow, but you can still encounter problems. This article will cover some of the most common issues and provide solutions. 1.) What Are the Most Common Diseases for the Christmas Cactus? Christmas cactus rarely suffers from any diseases but can be susceptible to root rot if planted in … Read more

Christmas Cactus: Top 9 Sunlight & Temperature Questions Answered

christmas cactus in sunlight

One of the keys to growing houseplants is selecting a location with the right amount of light. The Christmas cactus requires the correct amount of light to stay healthy and produce those beautiful winter time blooms it’s know for. This article will cover all the top questions about sunlight and temperature. So you can select … Read more

Low-Maintenance Shade Plants: Shrubs & Perennials

bushes of rhododendron in a shade garden

Part of the fun of gardening is deciding what to plant and where to plant it. However, there are various considerations to consider while designing your dream garden space, such as how much space each plant needs, the soil, watering and feeding requirements of each, and, of course, whether they prefer sun, shade or part-shade. … Read more

Christmas Cactus Q&A: Essential Things You Should Know

christmas cactus plant in a terra cotta pot

Is your Christmas cactus not flowering and looking a bit limp? Are you a new plant parent and not really sure how to care for your cactus? Or perhaps you’ve inherited an old Christmas cactus and want to ensure it continues to grow in your care? This article will answer all the essential questions about … Read more

Oxygenating Pond Plants: Top Picks for Small & Large Ponds

oxygenating plants in a pond

No one likes a stagnant, smelly pond. Whether you’re sprucing up your koi pond or maintaining the summer’s favorite swimming hole, oxygenating pond plants can improve your water’s overall health and appearance.  Read on to find out how. Plus, check out a few recommendations for which oxygenating plants are best for your pond.  What Are … Read more

Magnolia Flower: Health Benefits, Meaning + Interesting Facts

magnolia flowers falling from tree

After a long, cold winter comes spring with beautiful blooms of Magnolia, which provide a splash of color to your outdoor space. Highly prized for their decadent scent, beautiful flowers, and large, leathery leaves, Magnolias are undoubtedly one of the most stunning additions to any landscape.  With star-shaped flowers fluttering in the spring breeze, creating … Read more

How To Get Rid of Muskrats in Lakes, Ponds & Gardens

Muskrats are a species of semi-aquatic rodents found in marshes, swamps, and other wetlands around the world. They look similar to beavers but are smaller, with a long, skinny tail that’s flat on the side and lack orange incisors. Like beavers, muskrats are considered ecosystem engineers. In the wild, they help create openings in the … Read more

Verbena Hastata: Benefits, How to Plant, Grow & Care for Swamp Verbena

swamp verbena plant in bloom

Swamp verbena (Verbena hastata) is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant from the Verbenaceae family native to areas in the Great Lakes region of North America, including parts of Canada and various states in the US. It consists of around 150 species in the genus Verbena. The plant is known by multiple names, including blue vervain, wild … Read more

Mulberry Tree: Growing, Tips & Some Surprising Facts

mulberry tree with ripe berries

Mulberries are one of the easiest trees you can grow. Whether you’re looking for something that packs ornamental value, hoping to attract wild birds, or planning to grow a reliable fruit tree that produces an abundant crop year after year, these underrated trees will quickly earn a well-deserved spot in your garden.  But beware: not … Read more

Drought-Tolerant Plants For Every Landscape & Plant Type

drought tolerant plants in rock garden

Drought sounds like a gardener’s worst nightmare. But despite the common association of gardening with watering cans or hoses, many plants can tolerate periods of drought once they are established.  So many that it would be impossible to survey them all here. Instead, we’ll go over a few of our favorite drought-tolerant plants. Plus, we’ll … Read more

Yummy fruits & veggies that’ll keep you hydrated all summer long

Phew — it’s a scorcher out there! There’s no denying that summers are getting hotter and hotter, and the 2022 season is already shaping up to be one of the hottest. While we all can do our part in reducing emissions and combating climate change to help mitigate these unbearable temperatures, the reality is that the impacts of … Read more

Snake Plant: Growing + Care Guide

snake plant in a pot on the floor

Durable, low maintenance, striking appearance, and excellent decor are some things to love about these plants. Snake plant or Sansevieria is an indoor staple plant that makes a perfect choice for homeowners looking for houseplants with hassle-free care tips. The succulent ranks among the most tolerant plants that withstand harsh conditions and neglect. With that … Read more

Mini Split- Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning: What It Is + Why You Need One

woman using a mini split air conditioner system

Cooling and heating a house is a costly endeavor. But proper temperature control will provide greater levels of comfort and can contribute to your home’s overall health. (If you can’t imagine how temperature could affect a building’s integrity, think of frozen pipes and rotting support beams.)  If you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to heat … Read more

Bug Repellent: The Best Tips for Staying Itch Free

Have you ever felt like you’re the only person covered in bug bites at the neighborhood barbeque? Chances are, you’re not being paranoid. Instead, it’s probably your body’s unique chemical makeup and scent that makes you more popular than a juicy slice of watermelon. Everybody produces unique chemical signals, informed by genetics, immune system, and … Read more

Metros With the Most Mortgage-Burdened Homeowners

man calculating home mortgage with calculator

Roughly half of all Americans agree a lack of affordable housing in their city is a major problem, according to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey. Pew also found a proportion of Americans concerned about dwindling housing affordability has grown in recent years—and for good reason. Knowing this, Stacker analyzed U.S Census Bureau data to find where … Read more

The Life Span of 10 Common Home Appliances

home appliances in store

Nothing lasts forever—and this holds true for home appliances, despite advances in modern technology. While the life span of appliances in our home may not be something we regularly think about—if at all—it doesn’t hurt to know how many years you have left on your favorite household helpers. To better understand the longevity of traditional … Read more

10 Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects—and How Much They Cost

couple with blueprint for home remodeling

When the pandemic hit in 2020, people had no choice but to stay in their homes. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of employees working from home nearly doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic, rising to 42%. All that time spent at home led to a burst of pandemic remodeling—home improvement spending rose … Read more

30 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds

spotted great dane dog

Adding a dog to a home can be a major decision. Among other things, aspiring owners have to consider what size breed they have space for; how much time they can devote to their new addition; and more particular concerns like exercise needs, shedding, health issues, and climate. It’s certainly not a decision to be … Read more

Soil Mites: Good/Bad? What to Do? [Answered]

soil mite up close

Pest patrol is a duty every gardener must shoulder at some point in the growing season. But before you draw up elaborate plans to fumigate your backyard or douse your potting plants in pesticide, remember: not all bugs are bad. Some tiny creatures actually perform functions crucial to the health of your soil. Read on … Read more

10 Invasive Plants That Can Also Trigger Allergies


Every spring, many people’s thoughts turn to allergies. Common allergens are plants or weeds known as noxious weeds. Federal, state, and local authorities legally categorize noxious weeds or plants to be deleterious to people, wildlife, and agriculture. Many noxious plants or weeds are also considered invasive, meaning they are not native to the local ecosystem … Read more

10 Must-Have Features Buyers Look for When Searching for a Home

couple buying a home

Selling a home can be stressful no matter the price bracket or the neighborhood. Additionally, the pandemic has added more complications to the current housing market in America, even as the Federal Reserve made a concerted effort to limit the economic damage of the world shutting down for such a long period of time. The … Read more

47 Plants That Begin to Bloom in March

Japanese apricot tree blossom

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, but as many flora lovers know, there’s no need to wait till May to see blossoming plants. There are numerous plants that produce beautiful, blooming flowers by March. After analyzing data from the Missouri Botanical Garden list of bloom times, which shows the blooming months for … Read more

Take a Look Inside Bob Hope’s $29M Estate

Billionaire Ron Burkle seems to have changed his mind about his ambitions plans for Bob Hope’s estate in Los Angeles’ Toluca Lake. When the investor / architecture buff bought the property back in 2018, he was looking to restore it and build four to six other homes on the sprawling 5-acre property, Mansion Global reported at the … Read more

20 Starter Houseplants Anyone Can Keep Alive

indoor houseplant by window

Houseplants are a great way to bring greenery inside and uplift the mood of a home. Many people, however, hesitate to own plants due to the time and attention they require or the lack of ample sunlight in their homes. Contrary to popular assumptions, though, there are plenty of hardy plants that can thrive effortlessly inside, … Read more

This Striking Desert Oasis Will Give You Serious Home Envy

desert modern home - media-feed

The minimalist contemporary home was designed by LA-based architectural firm Woods + Dangaran and sits in the hillside enclave of Desert Palisades. Image Credit: Joe Fletcher courtesy of The Agency / Fancy Pants Homes. ‘The Woods House’ When lauded architecture firm Woods + Dangaran completed their ambitious Palm Springs project, the Woods House, design magazines … Read more

25 Tips for Urban Gardening

urban garden

Ancient civilizations thrived in relation to their proximity to food sources thousands of years before the global food trade our world relies on today. Eridu (present-day Tell Abu Shahrain in Iraq), founded in Mesopotamia along the Fertile Crescent’s Euphrates River around 5400 B.C., was believed by the Sumerians to be the first city in the … Read more

Aircrete: What It Is, Pros & Cons, Uses in Homes/Domes

aircrete home construction

Building a new home incurs many monetary and environmental costs. One of the biggest sources of these costs is the material used in the masonry blocks, also known as the literal building blocks of your home.  Concrete is a very popular masonry material and one of the most widely used synthetic materials on Earth. Its … Read more

Chicken Dust Bath: How-to Make One Quickly & Dirt Cheap

chicken taking a dust bath

Backyard chickens can provide manure, control garden pests, and offer high-quality eggs. They do not require much care and happily graze around raised garden beds. However, they’ll love a bath to keep healthy and their feathers soft. Read on to find out everything concerning chicken dust baths. Why chickens are fond of them and require … Read more

In-Depth Guide: Pea Gravel Patio Pros & Cons

pea gravel patio

Pea gravel patios have become famous thanks to low maintenance, affordability, and easy installation. You are adding to the aesthetic design and function of the home. So, if you’re looking to give your outdoor space a makeover, you should consider one. But is this a good choice for your home? Why should you prefer it … Read more

Monte Casino Flower: What Does It Symbolize + How to Grow

monte casino aster flower

A relative of the common daisy, the Monte Casino flower is a popular sight in rustic gardens and cut flower arrangements. But did you know that this plant has deep roots in myth and folklore and that each flower color has a unique meaning? In this guide, we’ll explain what the Monte Casino flower symbolizes … Read more

Braiding Money Tree: Why, How-to + Tips

braided money tree

You might assume a money tree is a single tree, but actually, they’re several trees combined! This gorgeous houseplant, also known by its botanical name pachira aquatica, saba nut, or Guiana chestnut, is made up of two and six individual plants braided or twisted together.  Although they don’t need to be braided and would survive … Read more

Insulating an Attic: Benefits, How-to & Tips

insulating an attic with cellulose

Ever wonder how to lower your energy bill without sweltering in the summer or freezing in the winter? According to the United States Department of Energy, proper insulation and air sealing can achieve energy savings of 10-20%. The estimated savings are even higher for older houses with little to no insulation.  The best part is … Read more

Do Groundhogs Eat Hydrangeas? [Solved]

groundhog hiding in garden

Groundhogs are the bane of many gardeners. These mammals have a reputation for eating garden plants which can be frustrating for gardeners.  Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are rodents native to North America and Eastern America. Famous for their destructive nature, they can destroy a garden overnight. They eat various kinds of fruits, vegetables, and … Read more

Types of Attic Insulation + 3 Ways to Avoid Danger & Damage

installing a type of attic insulation

 Attic insulation sits on the attic floor joists and the backside of the drywall ceiling. A properly insulated attic keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition to providing greater comfort, proper insulation could help lower your energy bills.  If you’re thinking about upgrading your attic insulation, the materials … Read more

Growing Potatoes in Containers: 10 Easy Steps

growing potatoes in a bag container

Planting potatoes in pots is the best growing method for the busy gardener who lacks space and good garden soil. It’s fast, easy, and gives you more control over the potato growing conditions. And, with the right grow guide, you will find that using pots for your potatoes is a failproof method to ensure a … Read more

How to Grow Cucumbers: Complete Guide

growing cucumbers

A tropical plant, cucumbers thrive when the temperature is hot, and the water is plentiful. Therefore, growing cucumbers is best for warmer temperatures: The plants are so brittle that they shouldn’t be planted in the garden until soil temperatures are consistently in the 70-degree zone (no less than two weeks after the last date for … Read more

How to Grow Potatoes: Essential Care Guide + 5 Alternative Growing Methods

growing potatoes

Potatoes are some of the most rewarding plants to grow in your vegetable garden. They are filling, rich in vitamins, minerals, and oxidants, and are a delicious crowd-pleaser on any dinner table. Provide them with full sun, loose soil, compost, and regular watering, and they will produce a large crop that will last you throughout … Read more

Mother of Thousands Plant: Guide to Care & Growing the Best Succulent

mother of thousands plant

If you’re a plant lover who wants to add to your houseplant collection, Mother of Thousands will be a lovely addition. You can never go wrong with its attractive foliage and low-maintenance features. Native to Madagascar, the succulent plant thrives best outdoors in hot regions, and it seldom blooms indoors. Want to know more about … Read more

Cucamelon Plant Guide: What It Is + Growing + Propagating + Seeds

cucamelon or mouse melon

Have you heard of cucamelon? They are becoming a trendy garden crop. Cucumelons are small fruits that resemble baby watermelons. They’re hard to resist, and many are enjoyed straight from the vine without making it to the kitchen! So how do these inch-long fruits taste? They have a hint of cucumber and a lime-like flavor, … Read more

Money Tree Meaning: What Does This Chinese Plant Mean + Symbolism

Chinese money tree plant

The money tree plant is one of those great plants that stand out with their look, and it also has a significant meaning behind it. Many people don’t know that the money tree is a combination of multiple Pachira Aquatica trees braided together as they grow. This broadleaf evergreen plant is native to South and … Read more

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Plant: How to Grow & Care + Common Problems

kalanchoe blossfeldiana plant

Kalanchoe, usually called Flaming Katy, Panda Plant, Widow’s Thrill, or Florist Kalanchoe, is the most popular succulent household plant with long-lasting blooms. This succulent perennial was discovered in Madagascar by botanist Robert Blossfeld, hence scientifically called Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.  Popular as an upright household plant that grows to about 1.5 feet tall and wide. Grown for … Read more

Rim Joist: Purpose, Insulation & Common Mistakes

rim joist drawing

Rim joists run around the outer edge of wood-framed houses, providing critical structural support to a home’s floor frame.  Properly insulated rim joists can increase your building’s energy efficiency. However, improperly insulated rim joists will not only impede energy efficiency but can also lead to structural damage.  Data collected by the U.S. Census indicates that … Read more

Growing Ashwagandha Plant: Complete Guide With Essential Tips

flower on an ashwagandha plant

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a herbaceous shrub from the nightshade family, native to India, Nepal, and Northern Africa. Also known as Indian ginseng, or winter cherry, the Ashwagandha herb is one of the most important plants in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been used for millennia as a dietary supplement to boost the immune system, reduce … Read more

Clover Lawns: 12 Reasons Why & Best Varieties

white clover lawn

Looking for an alternative to frequent watering, fertilizing, and weekly mowing? Clover lawns are the answer. Many people think clover is a weed that should be banished. Although, a clover lawn could be one of the best things you can do for your landscape.   Let’s discuss how this perception of clover came to be, why … Read more

22 Beautiful White Flowering Shrubs for Any Garden

white flowers spirea shrub

White-flowered shrubs can look elegant and gorgeous in pretty much any type of outdoor space, however large or small the area you’re dealing with. You can expect some of the prettiest, most romantic, and most stunning results when choosing white flowering shrubs to decorate your garden space. There are many white flower options to choose … Read more

How to Grow Watermelons: Guide With Detailed Instructions

growing watermelon plant

Most people love watermelon, but it’s hit or miss to bring home a ripe sweet melon when you buy them at the grocery store. The good news is that it’s incredibly straightforward to grow watermelon plants. With careful planning, proper care, and the right growing conditions, you can grow and harvest your very own sweet … Read more

How to Keep Deer Out of Garden: 11 Methods You Can Use

deer in a garden eating plants

Deer eat vegetation, from shrubs to leaves and grass, and they will sometimes find their way to your gardens if they can’t find what they need elsewhere. If you have a garden, you should figure out how to keep deer away. Why? Nothing is more frustrating than putting all your effort into growing plants in … Read more

Rain Chains: What They Are + Why You Need One + How to Make Your Own

rain chain installed on a gutter

If you’re looking for an alternative to ugly downspouts, you might want to think about installing rain chains. Rain chains guide rainwater away from your house while also beautifying its exterior.   Although they are a relatively recent trend in American housing design, Japanese architects have used rain chains since the late 1500s. Known in Japanese … Read more

Trees With White Flowers: 23 Beautiful Choices

trees with white flowers

How does a gardener’s heart become captivated by trees with white flowers? A single tree with large blooms of white flowers is utterly magical in its ability to enhance an entire landscape. You may be surprised by the variety of options, whether you’re planning to add just one white flowering tree or several to your … Read more

Peperomia Plants (Everything You Need to Know)

peperomia plant

Peperomia is one of the few plants with many species (over 1000 plant types) and foliage variations that can thrive comfortably outdoors and indoors. So if you love houseplants and want one that is low maintenance and perfect for your home, Peperomia ticks the right boxes.  It has beautiful leaves, tolerates, and thrives in various … Read more

Mosquito Repellent: Discover All Options (What Actually Works)

mosquito repellent options

 Carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes. Every time you exhale, you’re emitting a plume of mosquito attractant. Add your body’s natural warmth and scent to the equation, and your barbeque has become a living, breathing mosquito feast.  Fortunately, there are nearly as many options for combating mosquitoes as there are types of mosquitoes. Well, maybe not that … Read more

Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow: 10 Causes & How to Fix Them

pothos leaves turning yellow and with leaf spot

Pothos enjoys a well-deserved reputation for being a low-maintenance houseplant. It’s easy to grow in any home, it tolerates a bit of neglect, and it’s the best plant to start with as a beginner gardener. But even this hardy plant can suffer if its growing requirements are not met. And the first sign of an … Read more

6 Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas (What to Plant in Them)

vegetable garden layout

Planning your vegetable garden layout is the first step to becoming a successful gardener. Plot size, soil, and sunlight are deciding factors. But you also need to factor in how much time you can dedicate to your garden and how many vegetables you need to grow to make it worthwhile.  This article looks at 6 … Read more

Mosquito Repellent Plants: 18 Plants (Annual & Perennial) & 2 Trees

plants that act as natural mosquito repellent

Considering mosquitos are so tiny, they sure can make their unwelcome presence felt! However, once winter is over and rainy spring is giving way to the summer, it’s a treat to be able to enjoy the great outdoors again. However, if relaxing in the sunshine includes mosquito bites, that is sure to put a dampener … Read more

Frank Lloyd Wright (Short Bio & Pictures of Iconic Works)

frank lloyd wright portrait

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered one of the most influential architects of American architecture. His innovative style, unique aesthetic, and early foray into sustainability have shaped the landscape of the United States. Often hailed as the grandfather of sustainability, many modern architects are looking at his work in a new light, as the landscape of … Read more

Do Pine Trees Attract Mosquitoes?  [Solved]

sunlight through pine trees

The pine tree’s beautiful, towering, sweet-smelling presence will benefit your garden. There are 115 species to choose from, and each one is as lovely as the rest. But is all that beauty and charm enough to plant this tree if it attracts mosquitoes? Do pine trees attract mosquitoes?  Pine trees attract mosquitoes, not because of … Read more

Homemade Mosquito Repellent: 4 Easy Steps (Spray & Balm)

using essential oils to create homemade mosquito repellent

As summertime approaches, so does the buzz of a universally hated (and universally present) insect: the mosquito. There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes worldwide, so chances are at least one of these species will show up at your barbeque uninvited.  What attracts this particular insect? It depends on the species. Some species prefer … Read more

How to Propagate Pothos: Best Guide for Beginners & 3 Mistakes to Avoid

showing how to propagate pothos in water

Propagating pothos is a fast, cheap, and easy way to get more houseplants. This beginner-friendly vine is a vigorous grower and will benefit from a regular trim. Our how to propagate pothos guide will discuss the best methods with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Getting Started Before getting started, here are some essential tips for propagating your … Read more

How to Make Soil More Alkaline: 4 Steps

Alkaline soil refers to any soil with a pH level above 7. Making your soil more alkaline means raising your soil pH.  The pH level indicates the soil’s hydrogen ion concentration and affects how well plants can or cannot absorb necessary nutrients. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14, with seven being neutral. The … Read more

Alkaline Plants: 67 Trees, Shrubs, Vegetables & Flowers That Thrive

california poppy is an alkaline plant

Growing plants in alkaline soil can be challenging. This type of soil doesn’t accommodate as many species as neutral or acidic soil, and because it’s less soluble, it can limit nutrient availability for your plants. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its uses. This article will explain the benefits of this type of … Read more

How to Fertilize Hydrangeas for the Best Blooms

purple hydrangeas that has been fertilized

Full blooming colorful hydrangeas are a sight to behold! Large blooms are rewarding, but gardeners often struggle to get hydrangeas to bloom every year. Although hydrangeas aren’t considered high maintenance plants and can thrive in many different climates, they do require some TLC. More importantly, gardeners must understand how to fertilize hydrangeas properly to achieve … Read more

Indoor Trees That Thrive in Low Light: 8 Best

corn plant thrives in low light

If you love indoor greenery but don’t have a full-sun location, you’re in luck. There are indoor trees that thrive in low-light environments. We have compiled some of the choicest indoor trees that don’t mind poorly-lit areas that can be perfect for your interior decor. So without further ado, let’s see them. 8 Amazing Low … Read more

Dandelion Flower: 11 Surprising Uses & Interesting Facts

dandelion flower honey

The dandelion flower is an official symbol of spring as it is one of the first flowers to bloom Adding color to an otherwise drab landscape. Although, most people think of dandelion as a weed. That must be eliminated at all costs! How dare that pesky plant with its stubborn taproot take hold in their … Read more

Do Dogwood Trees Smell Bad? It’s Not What You Think

dogwood tree blooming and smell

Dogwood trees are a popular ornamental tree native to North America, Europe, and Asia. Also called Majestic Ornamental, they produce attractive white or pink flowers with small red berries. Despite their delicate appearance, Dogwood trees produce strong fragrances while flowering. Dogwood tree smell is essential to consider before planting them in your backyard. Many people … Read more

“Best” Perennial Plants That Repel Mosquitoes ~ Shade & Sun

mint plant is a perennial plant that naturally repels mosquitoes

Let’s face it. Mosquitoes are the most annoying flying pests! There is nothing worse than trying to garden or enjoy some relaxing time in the backyard when the little buggers are buzzing around your ears. Chemical laden sprays and mosquito netting are no fun either. Plants can help. It won’t be an invisible forcefield where … Read more

Which Side of Drywall Faces Out

picture showing front and back of drywall

If you’re installing your first piece of sheetrock (USG brand of drywall) and wondering, which side of drywall faces out? We can help. If you look at the different sides of the drywall, you will notice different colors. Depending on brands, the color may vary. You’ll also notice the sides feel a little different. One … Read more

Cantilever Roof Overhangs

cantilever roof overhang by frank lloyd wright

A cantilever roof overhang is a structural feature that projects from the side of a building. It differs from a regular roof overhang because the overhang is built into the structure’s design rather than just a part of the roof truss. The style is popular among residential buildings and was pioneered by the architect Frank … Read more

Roof Overhang Guide

Frank Lloyd Wright home showing amazing use of roof overhang sizes.

A roof overhang is not just for looks. Properly designed overhangs will shade windows in the summer, allow the sun in during the winter, and keep the rain away from the building. And when you can keep rain from entering doors, windows, siding, and foundations the less chance of moisture problems. Can you imagine standing … Read more

Raised Bed Garden ~ Ideas & Info

raised bed garden filled with plants

A raised bed garden provides a versatile and attractive option for gardeners planning their next crop of veggies or show-stopping flowers.  Whether you’re tight on space or want to cultivate specific soil qualities, read on to learn how making a raised garden bed can (literally) elevate your gardening. Raised Bed Garden Ideas You can get … Read more

How to Make Soil Acidic

ph tester in soil to check for making soil more acidic

To be successful at gardening or any type of landscaping, you need to monitor soil pH. Start with a baseline test using a digital soil pH meter like the one above, and then you can choose plants to fit that pH range or adjust the pH to what you want to plant. This article will … Read more

Can You Eat Koi Fish?

eating koi fish on a plate with koi in background

If you’re wondering, “can you eat koi fish” this article is for you. First, you’ll learn about the history of koi and then if it is good or bad to eat them. Yes, you can indeed eat them, but they are bony and don’t have as many nutrients as fish like salmon and have more … Read more

Koi Pond Guide

japanese koi pond with plants

A koi pond can be an excellent addition to any landscape. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back, listening to the bubbling water, and watching your koi fish gracefully swim along. This guide will help give you the knowledge needed to create and maintain your own pond. First, let’s give you some ideas if … Read more

How to Grow Asparagus

growing asparagus

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable whose green and purple stalks elevate even the simplest spring dish. In addition to its culinary appeal, asparagus provides an excellent source of vitamin K and folate (essential for red blood cell formation). Plus, it’s a low-effort crop, meaning beginning gardeners can learn how to grow asparagus just as easily … Read more

Seth Peterson / Frank Lloyd Wright Cottage in Lake Delton, Wi

This Frank Lloyd Wright cottage was built in 1958 and is only 880 square feet. Situated within Mirror Lake State Park outside Lake Delton, Wisconsin. Available year-round through the state park as a rental. The cottage possesses a monumentality that is surprising in such a small structure. With the ability to boil down the essence … Read more

Spray Foam Insulation R-value

man spraying spray foam insulation for maximum r value

This article will cover spray foam insulation R-values and why you should, or most likely not use it. You might get some sticker shock if you price out spray foam insulation. It is expensive if done correctly by a professional contractor. So, you want to make sure it’s worth it. The way most insulation is … Read more

Bubble Wrap Insulation ~ Does it Work?

roll of bubble wrap insulation

Using bubble wrap insulation can work in some applications, such as adding insulation to old windows. But, it doesn’t make sense to use in a building assembly. Other options can work better and cost less. Read on to learn more. Jump to a Section Bubble Wrap Insulation R Value Bubble Wrap vs Foam Insulation Bubble … Read more

Zojila Rohan Dish Drainer Rack ~ Review

zojila rohan dish rack drainer side

If you’re looking for a high-end, 100% stainless steel dish rack- then the Rohan dish drainer is for you. Despite the Rohan dish rack being out of stock for quite some time, we were finally able to purchase one. At the time of this writing, and just about all consumer products… prices are rising! It … Read more