Nature’s Capacity Crisis: The Overcrowding of America’s Outdoor Spaces

American outdoor recreation is flourishing like never before, with national parks bustling and the industry booming. This picture of a nation deeply connected with its natural heritage seems ideal, but it conceals a more complex and troubling reality. There is a paradox in American outdoor recreation, where its booming popularity leads to unintended consequences, challenging … Read more

The Science of How Igloos Keep You Warm

What if you were in the heart of the Arctic, where the temperature plummets to 50 degrees below zero? Your survival depends on finding shelter, but trees are scarce, and the only abundant resource is snow. It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Using snow, something inherently cold, to stay warm. Yet, humans have mastered this art … Read more

Couple Makes $10,000 Monthly from Growing Microgreens In their Basement

In the quiet suburbs north of Calgary, a remarkable story of entrepreneurship and sustainable living is unfolding. Imagine turning your basement into a thriving microgreen farm, generating impressive revenues while championing a new wave of urban farming. Welcome to Micro Acres, a small-scale agricultural venture that’s not only redefining what it means to have a … Read more

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