A Trick for Achieving the Perfect Bohemian/Natural Look For Your Walls

Have you ever considered giving your room a fresh and new look? Consider transforming it with the captivating limewash technique!

With a few simple steps, you can accomplish a cloud-like style and create a space that stands out. Discover this woman’s secret to achieving the limewash look!

Image Credit: TikTok @tastemadehome.

Limewash Made Simple

Limewash style is a great way to add a bohemian touch to your space. However, achieving this alone can be a bit challenging, especially if you have no experience. 

Instead of figuring it out yourself, it’s best to learn how it’s done properly. 

Before you start painting, using a primer is essential as this ensures better paint adhesion and provides a smooth surface.

Our woman opted for a lime-proof undercoat from Portola Paints.

Once the primer is set, you can begin painting your walls. 

To make your limewash painting stand out, choose a paint that will enhance the overall effect. Our creator chose her go-to brand, Portola Paints, in a duet shade. 

The secret to achieving a DIY limewash look is to crosshatch your painting. 

This may take longer than applying a plain coat, but it guarantees the best results.

Utilize a large brush to cover more surface area efficiently, making the process faster and easier. Don’t forget to apply a second coat for a deeper look.

The final look of the limewash may appear lighter or darker depending on your room’s lighting. It’s fascinating how limewash can create different effects. 

More Inspiring Limewash Styles

Choose a color for your limewash paint based on your preference and the atmosphere you want to create in your home. 

One option is to go for a light gray matte finish, which creates a calm and soothing atmosphere in your space. This shade pairs wonderfully with black furniture, drawing attention to a striking contrast.

Another color to consider is a beige limewash, which creates a warm and comforting atmosphere in your room. 

You may also add bricks around a limewashed wall to bring a rustic elegance into your home. The blend of exposed brick and limewash’s soft, cloud-like appearance produces a distinctive aesthetic.

Transform Your Space With the Magic Of Limewash

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The process of @tastemadehome in achieving the limewashed walls is indeed simple. So, don’t hesitate to try this for your room, as this will definitely elevate the overall ambiance!

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