5 Tricks to Cat-Proof Your Plants

Do you own a cat and have experienced the frustration of them wreaking havoc on your precious plants? Well, fret not because we have some fantastic tips to share with you.

Let’s explore the advice shared by a woman on TikTok who offers clever strategies to improve the relationship between your cats and plants at home. 

Image Credit: TikTok @welcometothejunglehome.

The 5 Tricks For Cat Owners To Save Their Plants

If you’re tired of your plants being demolished, this is the guide for you! 

1. the Power Of Citrus

It’s important to note that cats dislike citrus fruits. Strategically placing orange or lemon peels on the soil of your pots creates a barrier that deters cats from digging into your soil.

Additionally, you can wipe the peels around the pots, creating a scented perimeter that keeps cats at bay. 

The potent aroma of citrus is highly unpleasant to cats, thanks to their keen sense of smell. Moreover, the bitter taste of citrus fruits is unappetizing to them.

But do citrus peels have downsides?

One TikTok user shared her concern: “Wouldn’t the peels bring flies in the summer like the little fungus gnats.”

Another user chimed in: “do the peels not attract gnats?”

2. Rocks As Guardians

Another effective method is incorporating rocks into the soil, creating a simple yet effective prevention for cats from digging and potentially damaging your plants.

This method works for many, but not everyone, as one person experienced the opposite outcome. 

One follower shared her experience, saying, “I tried rocks in my plant before, now my cat takes the rocks out.”

3. Hanging Pots: a Cat-Free Zone

For an aesthetically pleasing solution, consider using hanging pots for your plants. 

This method not only adds a decorative touch to your space but also keeps your plants out of reach from curious feline paws. 

4. Distraction Tactics

Image Credit: TikTok @welcometothejunglehome.

If you find that your cats are still fixated on your plants, consider providing them with an alternative source of entertainment. 

Plant toys can be a great distraction, capturing their attention and redirecting their playful energy away from your plants. 

One cat person has tried this hack, stating, “I always have one sacrificial plant that my animals get to go crazy on, then they usually leave the rest alone. Rn it’s my majesty palm.”

Additionally, offering them wheatgrass can provide an enjoyable and nutritious diversion. Not only do cats love the taste of wheatgrass, but it also provides them with valuable nutrients and fiber.

5. the Power Of Water

Cats have an inherent dislike for water. Capitalize on this by using a spray bottle to gently spritz your cat whenever they are interested in your plants. 

This harmless deterrent helps associate their unwanted behavior with mild discomfort, making them think twice before approaching your plants.

However, many are against the idea of spraying water.

One onlooker commented, “Recent science has proven that pets don’t comprehend negative punishers like spraying. It only creates fear around the area and person.”

A cat lover expressed, “you shouldn’t spray water on cats, it’s not healthy way of teaching them.”

But another person shared his experience that spraying water works for him, stating, “everyone saying not to spray your cat. you got any other suggestions?? I’ve tried pretty much all of them and the only one that works is the spray.”

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Say Goodbye To the Plant Wreckage With These Genius Hacks

This video has been a hit, gathering an impressive 90,000 views, 18,000 likes, and over 800 shares. It’s clear that this hack has sparked the interest of many viewers.

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By implementing these cat-friendly strategies, you can create a harmonious environment where your plants and feline friends coexist peacefully. 

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