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Recent Articles

  • Blue Rose Meaning: Color + Symbolism Explained
    Have you ever seen blue roses? You’re most likely familiar with red, white, and pink roses. These roses are popular and grow naturally, but blue roses are rare and artificially produced. Little wonder, blue roses are prized and sought after today. They have several meanings and symbols, from serenity to peace, love at first sight, … Read more
  • Neon Pothos Turning Green: How to Keep Your Plants Glow
    Lemon-lime, highlighter-yellow, tennis-ball-green, chartreuse… No matter how you want to describe the color, there’s no denying that Neon pothos produces vibrant foliage.  But what if your plant begins to lose its namesake color?  This guide will help you understand what causes Neon pothos turning green and how to fix this issue.  Why Is My Neon … Read more
  • Do Pothos Need Drainage: The Dangers of No Drainage Holes & Simple Solutions
    Picture this: You’ve just brought home a stunning pothos plant (Devil’s Ivy or Epipremnum aureum) that will elevate any space it’s placed in. But wait, you’re in a quandary – do you need to pot it in a container with drainage holes or not?  It’s a puzzle that’s plagued many new plant parents, and the opinions are … Read more
  • 27 Rare Kinds of Hibiscus That Will Take Your Breath Away
    Step into the world of Hibiscus, where the trumpet-shaped, vibrant flowers captivate your senses. With over 200 species ¹ to explore, these tropical and subtropical wonders span stunning colors and patterns. Known for their dramatic pistil protrusions, hibiscus plants grace gardens with exotic flair. We’ll explore rare kinds of Hibiscus that you may have never … Read more
  • Jessenia Pothos vs Marble Queen Pothos: The Two Varieties Compared
    Jessenia and Marble Queen Pothos make excellent choices for enhancing indoor spaces with their beautiful foliage and minimal care needs. These two plants’ main distinctions are their visual appeal, growth pace, and versatility. If a more rapid-growing and adaptable plant is what you’re after, Jessenia Pothos could be an ideal option for you. On the … Read more
  • Naked Ladies Flowers: Lady Lilies That Will Leave You Speechless
    Naked ladies flowers are a fascinating group of plants known for their captivating beauty and unique growth patterns. These plants produce vibrant blooms atop tall, leafless stems, creating a striking display in late summer gardens. They belong to the Amaryllidaceae family and are native to South Africa, thriving in various hardiness zones ¹. We will … Read more
  • Philodendron Warscewiczii ‘Aurea Flavum’ Plant Care Guide
    Philodendron Warscewiczii, a rare plant hailing from Central America, is a well-enjoyed tropical plant with feathery leaves and blade-like stems. It is a beautiful variation of the classic Warscewiczii. With its vibrant green leaves and gold variegation, it’s no wonder this plant is in high demand.  This care guide provides everything you need to keep … Read more
  • How One Man’s Dumpster Dive Turned Into a Houseplant Heaven
    In the pursuit of saving a few bucks on groceries, clothing, and furnishings, some folks turn to dumpster diving and recycling bins. And at times, these treasure hunters rummage through the trash, hoping to uncover something extraordinary.  One such lucky guy recently struck gold, rescuing a handful of houseplants on his diving escapade. @dumpsterdiveking Watch … Read more
  • 8 Reasons for a Pothos Vine With No Leaves & Easy Solutions
    Do you dream of a lush pothos plant (Devil’s ivy) winding through your living spaces, purifying the air, and adding natural beauty? These adaptable plants thrive in most homes, but what if they start losing leaves, leaving behind bare vines?  Fear not! Here are eight causes and solutions to restore your pothos to its former … Read more
  • How to Care for Pothos in Winter: 7-Step Plant Survival Guide
    Bears hibernate for the winter. Plants go dormant. Similar to hibernation, dormancy helps plants survive the season when temperatures drop and the sun shines less frequently.  If you’re caring for pothos, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to your plant-care routine.  This “How to Care for Pothos in Winter” guide will give you steps … Read more
  • Plant Showdown: Emerald Pothos vs Global Green Pothos
    Emerald Pothos and Global Green are two very similar varieties of Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum). These elegant, trailing houseplants with dark green leaves can both reach up to 10 feet long. They are so much alike, in fact, that they’re often mistaken for one another. There are three key differences between the two, … Read more
  • Is Pokeweed Poisonous to Touch With Bare Hands? Symptoms & How to Stay Safe
    Pokeweed, a herbaceous plant native to North America, has been a source of fascination and concern for centuries. Known for its vibrant purple berries and towering stems, pokeweed is as beautiful as it is dangerous.  While its berries may resemble blueberries, they are poisonous and should not be consumed. But what about touching pokeweed? Is … Read more
  • How Long Does It Take To Propagate Pothos? (How To Speed Up Root Growth!)
    Propagating Pothos plants is an easy job that anyone can do. You only need a mother plant, shears or scissors, and a jar to propagate. Pothos, known as ‘Devil’s Ivy,’ can be propagated through stem cuttings. But propagating houseplants can surely test your patience. If you check your cuttings daily, eagerly waiting for roots to … Read more
  • Scale on Pothos Plants: 6 Ways to Eliminate & How to Prevent
    Pothos plants (Epipremnum aureum) are popular houseplants, well-known for their hardiness, fast growth, and attractive foliage. However, like all plants, they can be susceptible to pests, particularly scale insects. We will explore the world of scale insects, why Pothos are so attractive to them, and effective methods for eliminating them if you find scale on … Read more
  • Glacier Pothos Care: How to Make This Mysterious Plant Thrive
    The rare and mysterious Glacier Pothos is a gorgeous houseplant with dark green, silvery green, and bluish-gray variegation. Although it’s a tropical vine, it is hardy and adaptable and doesn’t require a special care regime. If you’re lucky enough to find it, you’ll discover that keeping it alive in any home is easy, even if … Read more