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  • Yummy fruits & veggies that’ll keep you hydrated all summer long
    Phew — it’s a scorcher out there! There’s no denying that summers are getting hotter and hotter, and the 2022 season is already shaping up to be one of the hottest. While we all can do our part in reducing emissions and combating climate change to help mitigate these unbearable temperatures, the reality is that the impacts of … Read more
  • Snake Plant: Growing + Care Guide
    Durable, low maintenance, striking appearance, and excellent decor are some things to love about these plants. Snake plant or Sansevieria is an indoor staple plant that makes a perfect choice for homeowners looking for houseplants with hassle-free care tips. The succulent ranks among the most tolerant plants that withstand harsh conditions and neglect. With that … Read more
  • Mini Split- Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning: What It Is + Why You Need One
    Cooling and heating a house is a costly endeavor. But proper temperature control will provide greater levels of comfort and can contribute to your home’s overall health. (If you can’t imagine how temperature could affect a building’s integrity, think of frozen pipes and rotting support beams.)  If you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to heat … Read more
  • Bug Repellent: The Best Tips for Staying Itch Free
    Have you ever felt like you’re the only person covered in bug bites at the neighborhood barbeque? Chances are, you’re not being paranoid. Instead, it’s probably your body’s unique chemical makeup and scent that makes you more popular than a juicy slice of watermelon. Everybody produces unique chemical signals, informed by genetics, immune system, and … Read more
  • The Puzzling Snake Plant Flower: What It Means + How to Get Yours to Bloom
    People love snake plants due to their low maintenance, sharp, pointed leaves, and ability to survive indoors and out (depending on the USDA growing zone). Many homeowners are often puzzled to see a snake plant flower. While it is often a rare sighting and usually only happens once a year (typically in the spring), it … Read more
  • Metros With the Most Mortgage-Burdened Homeowners
    Roughly half of all Americans agree a lack of affordable housing in their city is a major problem, according to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey. Pew also found a proportion of Americans concerned about dwindling housing affordability has grown in recent years—and for good reason. Knowing this, Stacker analyzed U.S Census Bureau data to find where … Read more
  • The Life Span of 10 Common Home Appliances
    Nothing lasts forever—and this holds true for home appliances, despite advances in modern technology. While the life span of appliances in our home may not be something we regularly think about—if at all—it doesn’t hurt to know how many years you have left on your favorite household helpers. To better understand the longevity of traditional … Read more
  • 10 Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects—and How Much They Cost
    When the pandemic hit in 2020, people had no choice but to stay in their homes. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of employees working from home nearly doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic, rising to 42%. All that time spent at home led to a burst of pandemic remodeling—home improvement spending rose … Read more
  • 30 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds
    Adding a dog to a home can be a major decision. Among other things, aspiring owners have to consider what size breed they have space for; how much time they can devote to their new addition; and more particular concerns like exercise needs, shedding, health issues, and climate. It’s certainly not a decision to be … Read more
  • Soil Mites: Good/Bad? What to Do? [Answered]
    Pest patrol is a duty every gardener must shoulder at some point in the growing season. But before you draw up elaborate plans to fumigate your backyard or douse your potting plants in pesticide, remember: not all bugs are bad. Some tiny creatures actually perform functions crucial to the health of your soil. Read on … Read more
  • Japanese Flower Stamp Hand Soap: MyKirei- How $18 Soap Became a Viral Sensation
    Back in 2020, we needed all the joy we could get. So a company in Japan called MyKirei by KAO e out with their flower stamp hand soap (the timing happened to be by accident, but 2020 turns out to be the perfect year).   This flower foam hand wash quickly went viral on the social … Read more
  • 10 Invasive Plants That Can Also Trigger Allergies
    Every spring, many people’s thoughts turn to allergies. Common allergens are plants or weeds known as noxious weeds. Federal, state, and local authorities legally categorize noxious weeds or plants to be deleterious to people, wildlife, and agriculture. Many noxious plants or weeds are also considered invasive, meaning they are not native to the local ecosystem … Read more
  • 10 Must-Have Features Buyers Look for When Searching for a Home
    Selling a home can be stressful no matter the price bracket or the neighborhood. Additionally, the pandemic has added more complications to the current housing market in America, even as the Federal Reserve made a concerted effort to limit the economic damage of the world shutting down for such a long period of time. The … Read more
  • 47 Plants That Begin to Bloom in March
    As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, but as many flora lovers know, there’s no need to wait till May to see blossoming plants. There are numerous plants that produce beautiful, blooming flowers by March. After analyzing data from the Missouri Botanical Garden list of bloom times, which shows the blooming months for … Read more
  • Take a Look Inside Bob Hope’s $29M Estate
    Billionaire Ron Burkle seems to have changed his mind about his ambitions plans for Bob Hope’s estate in Los Angeles’ Toluca Lake. When the investor / architecture buff bought the property back in 2018, he was looking to restore it and build four to six other homes on the sprawling 5-acre property, Mansion Global reported at the … Read more