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Recent Articles

  • 10 Worst Gardening Mistakes People Warned To Avoid Next Season
    Growing your own food is trending for various reasons. It’s safe, fresher, better tasting, cheaper, therapeutic, and reduces waste. After someone asked a popular vegetable gardening online forum, “What was your worst gardening mistake this season?” These gardeners shared their mistakes to help others avoid making them.  1. Overcrowding When you look at the amount … Read more
  • Hawaiian Pothos: How To Grow a Giant Pothos Indoors
    Hawaiian Pothos is one of the most controversial pothos varieties. With its large leaves and intense golden variegation, this rare houseplant has become a veritable unicorn among collectors. Surrounded by mystery and misconception, it’s got many people asking: is this pothos even real? Or is it a scam?  Fear not: Hawaiian Pothos is a real … Read more
  • Emerald Pothos: The Green Beauty (Plant Care Guide & Tips)
    Like its namesake, the Emerald pothos is a rare gem of a houseplant. Maybe you stumbled upon this precious pothos in a garden center, or perhaps you propagated a clipping from a friend’s plant.  Either way, once you’ve added it to your collection, you’ll want to keep it alive. To increase your chances, follow this … Read more
  • Feathers of Gold: The World’s Most Expensive Chicken Breed
    When it comes to chicken breeds, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. From egg-laying varieties to those bred for their meat, there is a chicken breed to suit every need. But when it comes to pure luxury and exclusivity, one breed stands above the rest: the Ayam Cemani. Introduction to Ayam … Read more
  • How to Propagate Snake Plants: 3 Super Simple Methods
    Are you a snake plant enthusiast looking to expand your houseplant collection without breaking the bank? Well, look no further! Propagating your existing snake plant is not only a cost-effective solution but also a fun and rewarding experience.  We will provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to propagate snake plant, aka mother-in-law’s tongue, using … Read more
  • Pothos Has Brown Stems: 7 Causes, How to Prevent & Fixing
    Pothos plants, being one of the easiest-to-care-for houseplants on the market, may seem indestructible. But, like all other plants, Pothos can suffer from issues. Even if you have the best intentions for your plant, you may find that it is developing brown stems.  But not to worry, brown pothos stems are a common problem, and as soon as you know … Read more
  • What Is R-Value For Insulation? Explained & Myths Debunked
    When it comes to insulation, the term “R-value” is often mentioned, but what exactly does it mean? Unfortunately, it is a bit confusing, and the answer should be more straightforward. But, once you get some background into how it was created and measured, you’ll easily be able to answer the question when someone asks, “what … Read more
  • Repotting Pothos: When & How to Repot Your Plant: Like a Pro
    Pothos plants, or Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum), are resilient and one of the easiest houseplants, but they do need to be repotted every one to three years. As the plants grow, so do their roots, and they need a larger area for the new roots to expand into. Different varieties of Pothos will grow at … Read more
  • Silvery Ann Pothos: An Elusive Beauty That’s Really Scindapsus pictus
    In the hunt for houseplants, a true silvery ann can be hard to find. But if you’re searching for elegant foliage, it’s worth the effort.  Silvery ann plants display oblong heart-shaped leaves mottled with silver spots. Their attractive silvery variegation deepens with age and sunlight.  Once you do manage to find this elusive beauty, you’ll … Read more
  • Glacier Pothos vs NJoy: Tell Them Apart + Pro Care Tips
    Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum), is a highly popular houseplant that climbs up moss poles with its aerial roots or cascades down over the edges of hanging baskets. These beautiful plants come in several varieties that plant lovers are enthusiastic about. Some are all green, like Neon, Jade, and Global Green, but most are … Read more
  • This Mom’s Sneaky Bathroom Note Will Have Your Kids Cleaning In No Time
    A mom recently posted about having trouble getting her kids to clean the bathroom like they were supposed to. So, she decided to leave a note hidden in a rag that was on the floor saying: “1/17/23 Congratulations! You’ve found this note! If youre reading this you’ve won $50. But, here’s the catch. However many … Read more
  • Why Is My Pothos Not Growing? (8 Causes + Simple Solutions)
    Pothos plants, otherwise known as ‘Devil’s Ivy,’ are known for their low requirements and forgivingness. You can place these beautiful vining plants anywhere in your home, and they will reward you with long, abundant vines and lush green leaves. Forgot to water them? No problem. These plants will bounce right back after a little bit … Read more
  • 5 Home DIY Mistakes You Should Never Make
    DIY projects are always fun, especially for new homeowners. However, it’s very important to do research before committing to home improvement projects. Oftentimes, they are more complicated than they seem, and without the correct protection and equipment, you may find yourself in over your head. 1. Only Applying One Coat of Paint There are certain … Read more
  • Solution: Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Convection Toaster (Flaky Start/Cancel Button)
    This article will explain the solution if you have a Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven convection toaster oven that is now acting as possessed by a demon (flashing on and off).   The particular toaster was purchased in May 2021 (it only comes with a one-year warranty) and is used almost daily.   It will still work if … Read more
  • 10 Hand-Picked Men’s Gifts: Grooming Products With Meaning
    Let’s face it; men can be challenging to shop for. So why not get them something most men pay little attention to, grooming products. These hand-picked brands have some excellent products but pack a more significant meaning into their work. From cruelty-free, no animal testing, eco-friendly packaging, and high-quality ingredients to saving barns and rural … Read more