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Recent Articles

  • Steps to Save Overwatered Pothos + Underwatered: Like a Pro
    Indoor plants, such as pothos (Epipremnum aureum), are more susceptible to overwatering than outdoor plants. Due to the water being constrained to a pot, unable to spread out like in nature. So, don’t feel bad if it happens. Although, you’ll want to ensure your watering is appropriate. Overwatering or underwatering can cause issues such as … Read more
  • Rhaphidophora Decursiva Care & Propagation Guide + 6 Common Problems 
    Rhaphidophora decursiva is a rare houseplant that has been making waves among collectors since 2020. Its glossy, fenestrated leaves can add a veritable touch of exotic elegance to any home. And although it’s difficult to find, this tropical vining plant is just as easy to care for as its more common relatives, like pothos or … Read more
  • Lifesaver Cactus Care ~ Astonishing Blooms (Huernia zebrina)
    The Lifesaver cactus (Huernia zebrina) is a beautiful and unusual desert plant native to the Southern and East African deserts. Although the plant has an adorable appearance, its smell, when in bloom, can be quite overpowering. Despite the smell, this succulent is beloved by gardeners because of its many other qualities. It can thrive in … Read more
  • 4 Best Bedroom Plants: Purify Air, Improve Sleep & Add Decor
    Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, our bedrooms must be as attractive and comfortable as possible. We’ll explain how bedroom plants can assist us in achieving this.  Surprisingly, a single plant can significantly improve the air quality in your bedroom. Additionally, you’ll find plants that reduce noise and others that have … Read more
  • Here’s The Best Pot For Monstera Plants + 4 Types to Avoid
    Monstera is one of the most popular indoor plants. But despite being low-maintenance, there’s one care detail that can make the difference between a thriving and a struggling houseplant: the type of pot you choose.  In this complete guide, we’ll explain how the kind of pot you use for your Monstera can affect its health … Read more
  • Feng Shui Plants That Can Send Good or Bad Vibes, According to Experts
    For a good reason, houseplants are becoming more popular- they give any space a natural, organic feel and can even enhance the air quality in your house. But could houseplants be giving off bad vibes? We rounded up expert advice to see which feng shui plants you should avoid and those that bring positive energy.  … Read more
  • 13 Best Border Plants For Edging
    Border plants are a great way to complete a garden’s design, whether edging a walkway or finishing a flower bed. We’ll share 13 beautiful border plants that need little care but are still low-maintenance. The plants can significantly enhance any outdoor area. In addition, some come with additional benefits that will increase the value of … Read more
  • Marble Queen Pothos Takes The Crown: Plant Care Guide
    When you’re shopping for houseplants, it can seem like there are as many varieties of pothos as pots to put them in. But among them all, the Marble Queen pothos takes the crown. What makes Marble Queen special? Simply put: the foliage. The leaves of Marble Queen pothos are decorated with creamy light yellow to … Read more
  • 127.9K People Love This Video: Making Homemade Aloe Vera Gel
    Aloe vera gel can be hard to find without chemicals. The solution? Make your own gel from the plant. That’s what one TikTok user: Luloskin did, and 127.9 thousand users have loved the video. It’s surprisingly easy to do and has many benefits. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with many uses. The TikTok creator … Read more
  • Fixing a Balding Pothos: 39.9K TikTok Users Loved This Solution
    Who knew that the all-popular pothos plant could develop bald spots? It tends to happen when spreading horizontally. The vines will lose their leaves near the base of the plant. Creating a “bald spot.” A TikTok video shows how one user easily fixed the problem and received 39.9 thousand likes. The video does a great job … Read more
  • 4 Best Herbs to Grow in the Kitchen + Storing & Drying
    The center of the home is the kitchen. It is a place where people congregate, cook, and feed one another. It’s also one of the most suitable places to keep plants because there’s less worry about water damage or messes, thanks to wipeable countertops and sweepable floors. And there’s always a water source available (you … Read more
  • Manjula Pothos Plant Care Guide + 4 Common Problems to Avoid
    Manjula pothos, also known as Happy Leaf pothos or Jewel pothos, is a tropical houseplant with dark green leaves livened up by splashes of white variegation. It’s one of the most eye-catching variegated pothos plants available, and, despite being a rare plant, it’s surprisingly affordable.  This variety of pothos was discovered by plant breeder Ashish … Read more
  • The Rolls-Royce of Pothos Plants: Epipremnum Pinnatum Albo
    Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Albo-Variegata’ is a pothos variety with green and white variegated leaves that become fenestrated as the plant reaches maturity. It’s one of the rarest and most expensive pothos cultivars and one of the most beautiful.  At first glance, this pothos looks very similar to Monstera Albo or Thai Constellation. And although the same … Read more
  • Dragon Tail Pothos: Most Unknown “Beginner-Friendly” Epipremnum Plant
    Dragon Tail pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum), also known as the Centipede Tongavine, is the most beginner-friendly pothos variety you’ve probably never heard of. Despite being very common in the wild, it’s a surprisingly rare houseplant.  Admittedly, it’s not as showy as its cousins, the Cebu Blue and Baltic Blue pothos, which explains why few houseplant lovers … Read more
  • Treat Pothos Root Rot Like a Pro: 5 Ridiculously Easy Steps
    Pothos is a trailing vine plant that produces attractive glossy leaves in many variegated colors.  In the right conditions, pothos grows prolifically and can live up to ten years indoors. But like many houseplants, pothos can often suffer from root rot. Untreated, root rot is almost always deadly.  Let’s take a look at what causes … Read more